Dragon Pals




Collect and train tons of dragons


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Dragon Pals is a casual game where you have to create a magic city for tons of different dragons to live in. The dragons need a good place to sleep, decent food to eat, and, of course – how could we forget? – entertainment. Basically, they need their own habitat.

In Dragon Pals, you can find, train, and tame dozens of different dragons. Each dragon has its own look, its own evolutions, and its own special characteristics. Plus, you can combine dragons of different types to try to create new species.

Once you've trained your dragons and leveled them up, you can send them into combat. During the battles against other dragons, you can test the power of each one of your dragons. Plus you can visit other players' cities and let other players visit yours and see your dragons.

Dragon Pals is an enjoyable casual game that may be especially appealing to little children for its childish appearance, though it's also appropriate for older players as well. In short, it's a quality game with gorgeous graphics.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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